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Are you a healthcare professional looking to progress your career?  We provide services for all health professions, including doctors, nurses, dieticians, midwives, and more.


Our team of experienced NHS professionals will guide you every step of the way. Choose any of the dedicated sessions below

NHS: Services
Friendly Young Doctor


  • An hour online interview coaching session focused on commonly asked questions

  • Coaching can be tailored to a particular interview or focus on wider skills

  • Learn how to showcase your experience 

  • Understand how to answer skill based and competency based questions

  • Receive detailed feedback on your performance

  • Build your confidence 

  • Receive encouragement, motivation and inspiration


  • Receive a polished and professional CV, showcasing your skills and experience

  • Following BMA regulations

  • CVs formatted as required by British Medical Association, Royal College of Nursing or equivalent body for your profession

  • One hour session (via video call or phone) with a consultant to explore your skills and experience

  • 3 day turnaround service following the initial call 

  • Free amends for 7 days

  • Our experienced consultants who will all answer your questions about CVs

  • Professionally formatted CV in Word & PDF formats


  • Receive a compelling job application, demonstrating your skills and experience

  • Our consultants are experienced in writing for the NHS Jobs online portal and for direct applications

  • One hour session (via videocall or phone) with a consultant to explore your skills and experience

  • 4 day turnaround service following the initial call and free amends for 7 days

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