Are you struggling with job hunting? Do you want start or progress your career in education or healthcare? Are you looking for a change in your career?  

Whatever your needs are, we are here to help! Pharos Career Consultants provide general Job hunting services and also specialist services for those in TEACHING and the NHS and in need of Career Mentoring.  Approachable and professional career services. Contact us today.

Every professional needs a personalised plan, you can create your own from
our services, or let our expert team guide you to find the most appropriate option for you.

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Award-winning career services 

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CV writing

CV assessment

CV translation

Cover letter writing

Cover letter assessment

Personal statement writing

Personal statement assessment

Job application writing

Job application assessment

Interview preparation

Career mentoring

Career counseling for schools

Are you interested in starting a career in teaching? Or are you an experienced teaching professional looking for your next opportunity? Our teaching experts will guide you every step of the way.



Are you a healthcare professional looking to upgrade your career?  Our NHS specialists will optimise your CV and cover letter, and prepare you to be successful in your career. We provide services for all health professions, including doctors, nurses, dieticians, midwives, and more.

Do you know all the legal steps required to work in the UK?  Do you hold your IELTS qualification to start working for the NHS? Have you awarded your Qualified Teacher Status to access your dream school? 
Our services will free you from paperwork and give you peace of mind, so you can focus on enjoying this new adventure!

“I am interested in getting into teaching and Pharos was extremely helpful.  They provided me with thorough advice, explaining in detail every single step of the process and how to prepare myself for each of them.  Pharos also informed me of the expectations around the profession and how the career progresses.  It made me a lot more confident to be advised by someone so knowledgeable and caring like my counselor in Pharos, Maria.  I highly recommend their services.”

Alessandro, Teacher



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