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Hybrid work in the post-pandemic era

Our May Twitter and LinkedIn poll and competition explored perceptions around hybrid working. The most popular answers supported both working online from home, and hybrid working to be essential for their next role. Let's see the numbers:

- 45% of participants believe hybrid work to be essential in their next role.

- 36% of participants state they are happier working remotely.

- 18% of participants declared hybrid work to be unrelated to their jobs.

- Only 1% declared to prefer to come back to full-time office work.

The pandemic has created a huge shift in the way both employers and employees think about work, team building and resources. It was interesting to see that very few of those who responded to our poll felt that hybrid working did not apply to their job, suggesting that there's room for flexiblity in many professions.

We very much look forward to seeing how flexible working continues to develop. As career consultants, we certainly know this is important for many of our clients who often seek a career change when they feel their work/life balance is no longer right.



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