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Vouchers are a job hunter's best friend

Lockdown has made gift buying all the more challenging. What can you possibly get your for your friends and family? Luxury pijamas? You can't even taken them out for a drink! If you are looking for a gift for someone who is jobhunting then we can help you out. You can choose personalised vouchers for any of our services and help them make the next big step in their career. We specialised in CV writing services, cover letter writing services, job application writing services, intervirew prep with our coaching sessions... And we have team of counselors specialised in jobs regarding Teaching and working for the NHS in the UK! And if these services don´t cover your needs, check our special vouchers for DBS checking award of qualifications, IELTS training for Visa, cultural bias coaching session, translation services or school career counseling. Let´s do Pharos!

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