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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Research shows that 60% of the time recruiters choose CVs that are introduced by a cover letter. Is there anything you struggle with when it comes to cover letters?

Cover letters can be very time consuming and daunting if you are approaching one for the first time. Today we'll share 8 tips that will help you to create your cover letter. And if you still need help, don't hesitate to contact us, we are amazing professional cover letter writers!

  • Tip n.1 - Keep it simple. Recruiters are looking for great content so no need for flashy formatting.

  • Tip n.2 - Carefully read the length guidance and ensure your cover is neatly within it. If in doubt, stay within two sides of A4. You don’t want those extra lines costing you the opportunity.

  • Tip n.3 - Have you personalised the cover letter to include the name of the organisation you are applying to? Is the name correct? You would be surprised how many cover letters have a misspelling of the company name!

  • Tip n.4 - Does your cover letter match your CV? Make sure that there’s no room for doubt and double check consistency

  • Tip n.5 - Make sure you showcase the skills and achievements requested in the person specification - the more examples the better!

  • Tip n.6 - Make sure your cover letter includes keywords from the role you are applying for. This will help your cover letter stand out to recruiters.

  • Tip n.7 - Enthusiastic is great. Over-enthusiastic sounds insincere. Think about the adjectives you use in your opening and closing paragraphs.

  • Tip n.8 - It’s important to sound professional, yet overly formal language may make you sound impersonal. Try to balance a professional but personal tone.

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