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On average, only 20% of applicants are interviewed. To be one of the 20% you don't need to have a good CV, you need a great one.

Is there anything you struggle with when it comes to writing your resume or CV? Is applying for jobs taking all of your time? We can help you draft a strong CV, either professionally tailored to meet your dream job’s description, or to be used across many opportunities. However, you might still want to give it a try on your own, and for that purpose, we share here 10 tips that will help you to create your CV. And if you still need help with it, don´t hesitate to contact us, we are amazing professional CV writers!

  • Tip n.1 - Keep your formatting simple and ensure your chosen font is easy to read. Recruiters are reading through hundreds of applications, don’t get discarded at first glance!

  • Tip n.2 - Carefully read the length guidance and ensure your CV is neatly within it. If in doubt, stay within two sides of A4. You don’t want those extra lines costing you the opportunity

  • Tip n.3 - Does your personal email address sound professional? Or is it your embarrassing nickname or favourite band? In a competitive job market every detail counts and this is more common than you think!

  • Tip n.4 - Although common in the EU, you don’t need to include your date of birth in your CV as it leaves the door open to age discrimination. If you last used your CV in another country, make sure your CV looks UK ready!

  • Tip n.5 - Make sure you showcase skills and achievements in each of your role descriptions. You can use your job description and appraisals to help you remember what you have achieved.

  • Tip n.6 - If you are applying for a specific opportunity, make sure your CV includes keywords from the role you are applying for. This will help your CV stand out to recruiters.

  • Tip n.7 - How much of your education history to include depends on your experience. If you are starting out, include everything; you can become more selective as you progress to senior roles.

  • Tip n.8 - Do you have additional IT and language skills? Include everything you know, you never know what might be an added bonus for a prospective employer.

  • Tip n. 9 - ‘Responsibility’ and ‘university’ are two of the most misspelt words on CVs. Research shows that it just takes one grammar mistake for your CV to end up on the discard pile.

  • Tip n.10 - 75% of employers have caught a lie on a CV! Remember to shine for who you are.

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