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8 Free Interview tips to make you shine!

The majority of our clients find that preparing for an interview is the most difficult part of job hunting. For whoever might feel the same way, we have great news: Pharos Career Consultants holds a great reputation in interview coaching, with dedicated consulants and bespoke sessions.

In addition to this, in April we launched a Twitter & LinkedIn campaign of free interview tips, under the hastag #Pharostips, to help job hunters face the last step of the job hunting process with security and confidence. Now, we share them with all of you here, with an extra free tip!

1- Prepare, prepare, prepare! Revise your job experience and think of examples of your skills, you can never do too much prep!

2 - Listen carefully to the question and think about your answer. A couple of seconds’ thought can make all the difference.

3 - Use positive language, even when giving an example of a challenging situation. Project that can-do attitude that the employer is looking for.

4 - Be mindful of body language, sitting up straight and keeping eye contact with the panel will show confidence.

5 - Do your research! Read everything you can about your prospective employer and show your knowledge in your answers.

6 - Don't be too familiar. Maintain a professional tone and build a rapport with the panel without crossing that boundary.

7 - Prepare a few questions for your panel. It will allow you to choose the most appropriate one on the day.

8 - Prepare your own questions ahead: CPR, career prospects, etc. Make sure your questions show your interest in self-improvement and wish to progress within the organisation.

At Pharos Career Consultants we can offer you an outstanding interview coaching service, with dedicated consulants and bespoke sessions that will ensure you shine in the interview for your dream job.

Check out our Interview Services here.

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